Special issue in NanoImpact on Safe(r) by Design in the Nanotechnology Sector

Nanotechnology is a continuously growing field with hundreds of already marketed novel nanomaterials (NMs) and nano-enabled products (NEPs), progressively being introduced in various sectors of society. A warning system is needed that allows the identification of potential risks early enough, so innovations can be developed in a cost efficient way. In response to this situation, a proactive approach is needed to minimize the gap between the pace of innovation and the pace at which the safety of new NMs and NEPs is assessed. The Safe(r) by Design (SbD) concept seeks to address safer NMs, NEPs and processes in a robust yet agile manner starting at an early stage of innovation. To achieve this, data sharing, trust and communication between innovators and regulators is essential.

The purpose of this special issue is to offer a comprehensive view of the developments made in SbD in the nanotechnology sector by the EC H2020 NanoReg2 and other projects. The ten articles make a substantial contribution towards methodological approaches, implementation in industrial case studies, obstacles and the development of collaborative centres and trusted environments for an agile implementation.

You can access the paper here.

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