European Commission begins consulting on cosmetics Regulation revision

The European Commission has begun public consultation on the targeted revision of the EU cosmetic products Regulation, which is set to introduce significant changes to the law.  

It opened on 29 March and will focus on five measures under consideration. They are: 

  • the generic risk assessment (GRA) approach, which would automatically ban the most harmful chemicals and only allow their use if they are found to be essential to society; 
  • a new measure to account for combination effects from exposure to chemicals from different sources;  
  • a review of the definition of nanomaterials; 
  • improving the labelling information on cosmetic products; and 
  • streamlining the scientific assessment of cosmetic products by integrating the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) into Echa.  

The consultation takes the form of a questionnaire and is for all relevant stakeholders, ranging from EU citizens to professional users of cosmetics, industry associations, civil society organisations, and member state authorities, including those involved in customs and market surveillance. 

The deadline for completing the questionnaire is 21 June.  

The consultation is available here.

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