Annual Report from Mistra Environmental Nanosafety

The Annual Report 2017 from the interdisciplinary research program Mistra Environmental Nanosafety  is now available.

The research program aims to develop new risk assessment strategies for nanomaterials and in the report you will find:

  • Results from Case Study 1: Emission of nanoparticles from studded tires to road runoff water (with focus on tungsten carbide, tungsten carbide cobalt, and other related metallic nanoparticles)
  • Results from Case Study 2: Systematic studies of commercially relevant nanoparticles (with focus on silica nanoparticles)
  • Results from a questionnaire to stakeholders that work with nanomaterials, probing perceived risks and benefits as well as risk regulation of nanotechnology
  • An overview of the Mistra Environmental Nanosafety program and the activities during 2017

Link to the report: Annual Report 2017

Source: Anna Wallin Adersjö, Mistra Environmental Nanosafety


Photo:  Alswart, Adobe Stock

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