Workshop on European, national nanosafety initiatives in collaboration – 10 September 2020

SweNanoSafe have invited representatives from various established national nanosafety platforms and other nanosafety inititatives to a first workshop on September 10th, 2020. The focus of this meeting was to present our respective organisations and missions to eachother and further discuss how we can collaborate to promote nanosafety in Europe.

The meeting will be documented in a short report that will be available from the SweNanoSafe website shortly.

If you were not able to participate this time, but would like to share the outcomes of the workshop or follow further joint inititatives, please contact Klara Midander:



  • Welcome and introduction – Elin Simonsson, Ministry of the Environment, Sweden
  • Tour de Table – Presentation of national nanosafety initiatives
  • Coffee break
  • Group activity – Similarities, differences, collaboration to complement each other’s activities
  • Presentation of group activity and discussion
  • Closing remarks – Bengt Fadeel, Expert Panel, SweNanoSafe

Presentations in  a Tour de Table:
Each participating organisation had prepared a short presentation based ont he following questions.

1. What kind of nanosafety initiative/organization are you?
2. What are your aims and goals?
3. What are the activities in the nanosafety area?
4. How do you currently collaborate with others to achieve your goals?

Participating organisations:
Ministry of Environment, Sweden
SweNanoSafe, Sweden
DaNa4.0, Germany
BioNanoNet, Austria
The Italian National Institute of Health (ISS), Italy
International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, Portugal
NILU, Norway
University of Bergen, Norway
National Research Centre for the Working Environment, Denmark



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