Nanosafety Training School: Towards Safe and Sustainable by Design advanced (nano)materials

15 Maj 2022 - 20 Maj 2022

Plats: Venice, Italy

The NanoTraining School, organised by the EU funded Horizon 2020 NMBP 15: ASINA, SbD4Nano, SABYDOMA, SAbyNA, NMBP 16: DIAGONAL, HARMLESS, SUNSHINE, NMBP 14: NanoInformaTIX , and contributing projects NMBP 13: Governance projects, NMBP 14: NanoSolveIT (TBC), NMBP 35: CHARISMA.

It will take place in the historic centre of Venice, Italy on 15 20 May 2022. The school aims to transfer State of the Art knowledge on a variety of topics from key experts to the new generation of nano environmental, health and safety professionals, using interprofessional education in hands on sessions.

You can read more about it here.