From Nano- to Advanced Materials: Lessons learnt in InnoMat.Life

27 Juni 2022 - 28 Juni 2022

Plats: Berlin, Germany

In the last 20 years nanosafety research has intensely investigated possible adverse effects of nanomaterials and their mitigation. The focus was on nanomaterials composed of single substances with narrow size distribution and mainly spheroidal geometry such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide with some additional research on carbon nanotubes and graphene.

The InnoMat.Life project (Innovative materials and new production processes: Safety in the life cycle and industrial value added) is coming to an end and they are organising their final event. Under the title “From Nano- to Advanced Materials”, the event will present the lessons learnt form the InnoMat.Life project in following topics:

  • Environmental Testing and Assessment Strategies for advanced materials
  • Human Testing and Assessment Strategies: Fibres
  • Human Testing and Assessment Strategies: Polymer Particles
  • Advanced Manufacturing and lessons learnt for other advanced materials

You can read more and register here.