EFSA – stakeholder workshop on small particles and nanoparticles in food

31 Mars 2022 - 1 April 2022

Plats: online

The European Food Safety Authority published in August 2021 the “Guidance on technical requirements for regulated food and feed product applications to establish the presence of small particles including nanoparticles” (Guidance on Particle – Technical Requirements (TR)) and an updated version of the “Guidance on risk assessment of nanomaterials to be applied in the food and feed chain: human and animal health” (Guidance on Nano – Risk Assessment (RA)). These guidance documents update the information requirements for applicants that seek market approval or renewal of a product in the areas under EFSA’s remit, such as food/feed additives, food contact materials, novel foods, and pesticide active substances.

The new Guidance on Particle – Technical Requirements supports the applicant in demonstrating that the material does not contain a fraction of nanoparticles, or, if a fraction is detected, in deciding whether or not the material requires specific assessment of properties at the nanoscale. The guidance gives appraisal routes that confirm if a conventional risk assessment is sufficient or a nanospecific risk assessment should be performed according to the updated version of the Guidance on Nano-RA.

The workshop is aimed particularly at stakeholders and experts who are preparing dossiers on food/feed additives, food contact materials, novel foods and pesticides to be assessed by EFSA and regulatory risk assessors.

You can read more about the workshop and register here. The workshop is free of charge and registration closes March 7th (midnight).