Mistra Environmental Nanosafety Conference: complete program now available

The interdisciplinary research program Mistra Environmental Nanosafety consortium is organising a conference to summarise and reflect on the results from its first four years. The generation of a sustainable risk management strategy for nanomaterials will also be discussed. The consortium’s aim is to enable integrated risk assessment strategies for the impact of nanomaterials on the environment, and to develop a scientific platform for sustainable risk management of nanoparticles.

Sessions will be held on integrated hazard assessment of nanomaterials, bio- and eco-corona studies, nanomaterial risk assessment, life cycle analysis and case studies, as well as current and potential future policy and legislation on nanosafety.

The conference webpage is now updated with complete program and confirmed speakers, including keynote speaker Mark R Wiesner.

For registration after October 24th, contact Anne Seilonen, anne.seilonen@chalmers.se.

Source: Anna Wallin Adersjö, Mistra Environmental Nanosafety


Bild: Maksim Kabakou, Adobe Stock



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