New information from EU-OSHA on nanomaterials in the workplace

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) has published two new info sheets relevant for the safe handling of nanomaterials in the workplace.

The first publication Info sheet: Manufactured nanomaterials in the workplace provides an overview of how to deal with manufactured nanomaterials in the workplace. It gives details of relevant EU legislation, explores the possible health impacts of nanomaterials, provides advice for employers on how to prevent or minimise workers’ exposure to them, and describes the main exposure routes: inhalation, skin contact and ingestion. The STOP principle can be used to prevent or reduce exposure to nanomaterials, and the info sheet lists practical measures that can be taken following this principle.

The second publication Info sheet: Practical tools and guidance on dangerous substances in workplaces offers advice on the tools and guidance available to help employers and workers manage the risks posed by dangerous substances in the workplace. EU-OSHA points out that using tools and guidance that are already available can save time, and it also provides practical ways of reducing workers’ exposure to hazardous substances.

This info sheet links to EU-OSHA’s new resource database, which currently  contains over 700 tools and resources in many languages.


Source: EU-OSHA

More information in Swedish:

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